Billing & Assessments


Green Valley Mutual Water Company bills all water customers on a quarterly system. This system is billed in arrears for the service connection fee.

Water consumption or usage is billed after water meter readings. The water meter readings are done in June and October of each year. The system used is a multi-tier system designed to aid in water conservation practices.  A tier ONE base of 0 to 6,500 gallons per month is billed at the tier ONE level.

The tier TWO level is billed for all water used ABOVE or OVER an average of 6,500 gallons per month.

The water bill for the second and third quarters includes the water consumption for the period between meter readings. The water bill for the first and fourth quarters are for the service connection fees only and does not include water consumption.


Service Connection Fee = $36.10 per month (billed quarterly at $108.30 per quarter)

Tier ONE Water Usage = $2.65 per 1,000 gallons (0-6,500 gallons per month)

Tier TWO Water Usage = $8.40 per 1,000 gallons (over 6,500 gallons per month)

Revenue generated from water use billing and connection fee is used to fund Operations aspect of the budget for the Company.


Late Charges will be $25.00

Stock Transfer fees will be $350.00

Shareholder trust conversion $150.00

Turn on/off $60.00

Effective as of: 1/1/2019


An assessment is levied on the shares of the corporation each year. The purpose of the assessment is to generate revenue to fund the Capital Improvement aspect of the budget. The assessment is billed to all shareholders and not just to those who receive water service. The assessment charge is $200 for 2018.  

The use of the assessments is for maintaining company assets, water storage, water distribution and 

large expenditures not covered in the day to day Operations aspect of the budget.

Our current Capital Plan includes the replacement of 50-year old asbestos cement water distribution pipelines. 

Included in this is an overall upgrade of the water distribution infrastructure to meet current fire flow standards.